• A Network of Empowerment

    The Afro Central Network owns and operates some of the most informative and engaging African American websites online. We are an activist-based movement reaching out to communities of color around the Diaspora in hopes of reinforcing a sense of empowerment.

    Our collective online communities offer encouragement, inspiration, and social engagement with others. All of our sites are freely open to all who would like to contribute to helping others.

  • The Network Platform

    The Afro Central websites are custom designed by a team of highly-skilled web designers and engineers. We operate on two-5 domain servers and practice tight Internet security and regular site maintenance. Our clients are protected and serviced 24/7.

    The backend of our websites are hand-programmed and coded, using the industry standard software and updated coding language. We also offer web design services to the public for personal and small business use.

News & Commentary

The Afromerica website is our oldest and most informative website. It covers today's news and offers profound commentary on the issues we face.

Media-Rich Networks

We offer a few media-sharing websites including videos, audio podcast, and an all-inclusive Social Media Network. Join either of the above and grow your own network.

Internet Radio

The Afro Block Internet Radio Network is a one-stop collection of the best of our best. It also offers good music, commentary and News Updates. Download the APP.

Group Collaboration

Users and members of any of the Afro Central Networks can promote their projects or use it to inform or teach others. We offer personal email and workspace.

Online Education

Busy people will find our services user-friendly and productive. Take advantage of our online institutes and teach a course of your own specialty.

Community Services

A large part of our existence is to bring the community together and offer services needed to individuals and groups. Browse our outreach program and choose the best.

Sanity Media Network

A Spectrum of knowledge through video, music, books, podcast radio and more.

Music by 1 Down

The sounds of neo-soul and smooth jazz is what 1 Down is all about.

Macktown Urban Novels

A city cut-off from general society came together and built one better.